4 Must-Try Bangkok Dishes

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok serves as the city's cultural center. Among the culture that you will find in this densely packed city includes food. Whether you are in the city itself or at home in Canada, there are plenty of dishes to try at a thai food restaurant or to try your own hand at preparing. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few must-try foods that originate in Bangkok.


Although outside of Thailand, many people don't associate the country with doughy sweets, Thailanders themselves know the truth: there are plenty of dishes that fit this criterion. This dish, known as murtabak in countries outside of Thailand, consists of a thin dough sheet that is slathered in a sweet, white vanilla sauce. It is generally stuffed with thinly sliced bananas or sometimes cooked eggs. Mataba is then deep-fried to perfection and served at restaurants and street vendors throughout the city.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is perhaps Bangkok's most famous dish. It consists of thinly sliced noodles that are stir fried with slices of vegetables and peanuts. It is often served with a protein of the diner's choosing, including chicken, duck, pork, shrimp and other seafood. Many restaurants also serve this dish with a cut lime which can be added to the dish per your taste. This tends to give the dish a tangier flavor that cuts through its spiciness.


Satay is a Muslim street fare that made its way to Thailand through countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. It is essentially grilled chicken that is sometimes flavored with curry powder and served on a stick. What makes Bangkok's take on satay distinct is that it is often served with a creamy peanut sauce that adds an extra dimension of sweetness to the dish. It is often served on the streets of Bangkok and during night markets.

Tom Yam

Bangkok's most famous soup consists mainly of lime juice, kaffir leaf and lemongrass. This dish is often known as Thailand's take on hot and sour soup. What truly makes it spicy is the addition of chiles and fresh chili paste. This cutting dish can be found at virtually every restaurant in Bangkok.

This guide should have given you some idea of the kind of cuisine that is particular to Bangkok. You can look up recipes online to make them yourself, or you can dine in at Mali Thai Restaurant or another Thai restaurant.