Tips For Buying Pizza For A Large Group

When you are in charge of ordering pizza for a large group, you might be under a lot of stress. You are purchasing the food that everyone is going to eat for the evening and the quality and type of food that you get might determine how well some people's nights progress. Here are some tips for ordering pizza for a large group so that you can make sure that you get paid back by the other people in the group and that everyone is happy.

1. Keep the Toppings Simple

Unless everyone in your group is excited about pineapple and leek sprout pizza, don't get those two toppings. Try to choose toppings that have the least likelihood of alienating anyone and that are easy to pull off. For many large groups, purchasing cheese and pepperoni pizzas is usually the way to go. This is because most people do not have a problem with pepperoni and if they do, they can simply eat the cheese pizza. If you are ordering only one pizza, consider getting one half that is entirely cheese and the other half pepperoni.

The other benefit of pepperoni is that you easily pull it off if you have more people that like to eat cheese than pepperoni.

If you are choosing a veggie pizza because you know that your entire group really loves vegetables or you are buying for a group of known vegetarians, then you might want to consider skipping the black olives. A large number of people really detest black olives and it's easier just to avoid them. 

2. Use Software to Gather the Money

Getting a ton of pizzas can be a lot of money and it's important that everyone chips in. However, many people are only going to have credit cards on them or only have a $20 dollar bill when they are trying to pay a much smaller amount and change is not available. The easiest way to make sure that the person who pays for the pizzas originally does not get ripped off is to use software to gather the money. There are many different apps that allow people to directly deposit money into their friends' accounts in very small increments where all people need to do is link their credit card to an account. By having an established payment system in place where people don't have to pay for more than their share of the pizza, you can make the purchasing of the pizza go smoothly.

3. Cut the Pizza Recursively

Finally, you are going to want to cut the pizza recursively in order to make sure that you get 16 decent, equally-sized slices. This means that you are going to first want to cut the pizza in half. Cutting items in half so that both sides are roughly equal is easier for many people than trying to cut any other number of pieces. Then, cut each half in half so that you have four pieces. Finally, cut each of the four pieces in half so that you have eight pieces. Finally, cut each eighth in half. Doing this might result in smaller pieces, but it is easy to make them all roughly the same size, allowing people to eat more than one piece without overeating for the group.

For more information, talk to your local pizza restaurant